Dearest Readers,
We love you. We want to take you on a date, woo you, bring you home to meet our parents and our cat. We’ll cover you in kisses, or hold your hand, or just sit across the table from you with a knowing look in our eyes. We’ll spend long days sitting in the same room reading to ourselves or each other in front of the lit fireplace, if that’s what you want. And you’ve told us what you want and we’re going to give you all that and more.
In the pages you hold near and dear to your heart we have tales of meet cutes, of awkward teenage loves, of crushes and lusts, of long-lasting relationships, relationships gone right and wrong, the love of another person, a physical thing, or idea. Treasure these stories and poems while they’re here. Let them sit with you awhile and share their desires.
After you have been sufficiently romanced, prepare for something that will string you along and tie you up in complications. Our next issue Knots will be open for submissions until August 31st. Don’t be afraid to be naughty.

With love, always,
Deep Overstock Editors

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Cover: “Season For Love” by Joy Richu

Nidhi Agrawal Spell
Valerie Anne Burns Sexting at Sixty
Cynthia Close Here Comes Trouble
Sarah Denison A Romance in 300 words
David de Young Photo Taken in Times Square, 2010
Desiree Ducharme A Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure: A Hot Dragon Tale
Pat Dutt Odd Socks and Sinks in Chaos
Lynette Esposito A Winter’s Night; Nature; Time
Anna Laura Falvey Figurehead; Metric Apology; This Morning
Livio Farallo deep six; kiss me
Helga Gruendler-Schierloh Chance or Destiny: A Personal Essay
Peggy Heitmann Love Portrait at Sixty-five; Pay Attention
Paul Hostovsky Bicycle
RJ Equality Ingram FINGERBANG!
Sam Baldassari Jones Riverfront
BEE LB for you
Timothy Arliss OBrien Is this a fucking love poem?
Kathryn Paulsen Countless
Diana Raab, PhDUnited by Metal
Justin Ratcliff Beauty and the Beast; Beloved
Gerard Sarnat Spontaneous Combustion; Start of Athletic-Artistic Romances
Junix Seraphim Arch of Aorta; My mother has a singing voice you’d invite to your wedding
Francesa J. Sidotigood night; since then
Ranjith Sivaraman On Those Moments
Karen Sleeth Eye Contact
Rin Stone Homemade
K. B. Thomas Emmanuella’s Revenge
Nam Hoang Tran Best Foot Forward; Disappointment for the Ages; Inducing the Light
Renee Williams Dancing
Alixa Writes Epilogue
Nicholas Yandell Harvey Wallbanger and a Slippery Nipple

Editors-In-Chief: Mickey Collins & Robert Eversmann
Managing Editors: Michael Santiago & Z.B. Wagman
Poetry: Sarah Denison, Timothy Arliss OBrien, Jihye Shin & Nicholas Yandell
Prose: Sarah Denison, Michael Santiago & Z.B. Wagman
Additional Copyediting: Lorenzo Fusini & Heather Hambly