Deep Overstock was started in 2018 by booksellers who realized our coworkers were paid to shelve books, but were working on their own writing and had dreams of shelving their own books.

We created a journal that supported booksellers in that dream by opening a space to publish their writing, and that challenged them to write in genres they might not have tried before.

Each issue’s theme of our quarterly journal is based on a category that you can find in a bookstore. Writers and artists can interpret the theme as they see fit. Some interpretations might fit “on the shelf” as you would expect, some may not.

As we continue to grow, we are now publishing full-length novels and longer works by booksellers and book industry workers as well.

Though we have a strong commitment and focus on those in the book industry, we do accept work from writers and artists who work in any field.

The name Deep Overstock refers to books that are tucked away from where customers are able to get to. It is our goal to publish these “overstocked” ideas.