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Submissions are currently open for Issue 18: Old Favorites until August 31, 2022. The color of the cover will be:


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  • Mickey’s 🐝lahg #12
    Hello dear super readers and stalkers, Today we’re releasing DO#16 and like any Sweet Sixteen we’ve got to give away a 🐝rand new car!* For this 🐝ig cele🐝ration we’ve invited all of the superheroes you’ve seen in film, TV, and comics, though they haven’t RSVP’d yet, so I wouldn’t holdContinue Reading
  • Mickey’s Blahg #11
    What’s the latest buzz? It’s Beekeeping, which we’re now accepting submissions for. Why beekeeping? In case you haven’t heard, the bees aren’t doing great. Honeybees are in trouble. Here’s how you can help (USA Today, 6/23/17). And bees are responsible for pollinating not just flowers, but many of the fruitsContinue Reading

Deep Overstock: Helping Booksellers Shelve Their Own Work (Shelf Awareness, 4/20/21)

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