Deep Overstock Fiction Podcast

The Deep Overstock Fiction Podcast is hosted by Z.B. Wagman and Mike Santiago on an alternating basis. On each episode an author published in the DO journal comes on the show to read and discuss one of their favorite pieces from the DO archive by a different author. Whoever’s piece was read the previous week becomes the guest for the following week.

You can subscribe through your favorite podcasting app, like Spotify or Radio Public, (a full list can be found at or listen below:

Z.B. Wagman reads “The Selkie” by Azalea Micketti Deep Overstock Fiction

Z.B. Wagman reads “The Selkie,” a beautifully imagined retelling of the classic Scottish folktale about people of the sea who take their seal-skins off and wander in the world of humans. Micketti’s version of the selkie brings immense beauty and sadness to this story. It was originally published in the Deep Overstock Nautical Lore Issue. 
  1. Z.B. Wagman reads “The Selkie” by Azalea Micketti
  2. Mike Santiago reads “The Red Bandana” by Hannah Collins
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