Deep Overstock Fiction Podcast

The Deep Overstock Fiction Podcast is hosted by Z.B. Wagman and Mike Santiago on an alternating basis. On each episode an author published in the DO journal comes on the show to read and discuss one of their favorite pieces from the DO archive by a different author. Whoever’s piece was read the previous week becomes the guest for the following week.

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Erin Karbuczky reads "Alien Boy" by E.T. Starmann Deep Overstock Fiction

Erin Karbuczky reads "Alien Boy" by E.T. Starmann featured in the Origin of Life issue of Deep Overstock. Erin Karbuczky is a master of speculative fiction with great emotional depth. E.T. Starmann is an author of pulp fiction with an interest in small moments.
  1. Erin Karbuczky reads "Alien Boy" by E.T. Starmann
  2. Kevin Sampsell reads "Composition" by Benjamin Kessler
  3. MYSTERIES Ep. 2 feat. Nicholas Yandell, Bob Selcrosse and Ben Crowley
  4. MYSTERIES Ep. 1 feat. Karla Linn Merrifield, Lynette Esposito, Kate Falvey and Bob Selcrosse
  5. Melissa Kerman reads "The Replica" by Erin Karbuczky