Journal Submissions

Current Theme Guidelines

Issue 9 is NEW ARRIVALS! Submit by June 1st, 2020.
New Arrivals is the first Deep Overstock issue without a theme. Submit any fiction, non-fiction, art or other that has never been published before that you are especially proud of.

General Guidelines

We publish fiction, poetry, comics, art, images, medical reports, plays, essays, philosophies, sculptures, sounds, mushroom dataset analyses, magic spells, fairy tales, folklore, riddles, jokes, horoscopes, death-predictions, and more. Surprise us!

Simultaneous submissions are fine, just tell us if the piece gets accepted elsewhere. No previously published works (though personal blogs are fine).

Include a short bio about you, your work, and your role as a bookseller, librarian, or book collection steward in the body of your email. If you have been published previously, we will use your previously used bio unless you provide an updated one.

Submissions over 3000 words might not be considered. 

Email with your work attached (see below on file formats) and your bio in the body of the email.

Text Submissions

File format: Submit your written work as either .doc, .docx, .rtf, or a Google doc only. PDF submissions may be rejected.

Fiction, Essays, etc.

We strongly prefer pieces under 3000 words, especially flash fiction under 1000. We typically will not consider excerpts of longer pieces.

Please submit one to two fiction pieces for each theme, or send us up to three if they are under 1000 words.


Send up to seven poems per theme.

Comics & Images Guidelines

File format: Any image file format of at least 300dpi is fine. Submit your image in color as we can do full color on the website, but will print in black and white.

Send up to 4-12 images (as long as they’re all in one email). If you have an art piece you want to submit and you do not have a camera, contact us.

The maximum number of pages is 12, however if you have a longer piece please contact us.

Print dimensions are 5.5 in. x 8.5 in. (half-letter).


  • By submitting your work, you give Deep Overstock non-exclusive rights to publish your work in print and online in perpetuity.
  • The work that you submit must not have been published anywhere else, it must be your work, and you must have the rights to submit it.
  • You may submit the work to other publications after being published by Deep Overstock, so long as you give credit to Deep Overstock as first publisher.
  • Before receiving an acceptance letter if your work is accepted elsewhere, or if you wish to retract your submission, submit a request to Deep Overstock in writing that we not publish your work.
  • Once your work has been accepted, Deep Overstock may edit your work for grammar and for clarity, and will contact you with any major revisions before publishing.

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