Submission Guidelines




Please email to submit.


Theme Guidelines



…gettin spooky with it…

We are desperately seeking supernaturals. And we beg you: bring some romance into our lives! Missed connections made right under a lowering, smiling moon. Meet-cutes made eternal. Star crossed lovers exploding together forever like the miraculous rift in the space-time continuum which gave us pb&j. Make the beast with two backs made permanent again, soul mates.


What is paranormal? What is normal? What is love?

You can hurt us, baby.

Our tentacles grow back.

Love is blind, it doesn’t matter that you’re an extraterrestrial being from the sixth dimension and you’ve fallen in love with a fishbowl. Let’s put the love back in Lovecraft.


General Guidelines

We publish fiction, poetry, comics, art, images, medical reports, plays, essays, philosophy, sculpture, sound, mushroom dataset analysis, magic spells, fairy tales, folklore, riddles, jokes, horoscopes, death-predictions and more.

We publish online and in print quarterly.

Submissions We love stories about books, bookselling, and bookstores!

Include a short bio about you, your work, and your day job (especially if you work with books, mention the books!), in the body of the submission.

Simultaneous submissions are fine, just tell us if the piece gets accepted elsewhere. No previously published works (though personal blogs are fine).

Text Submissions

.doc, .docx, or google docs please. (no PDFs)

Fiction, Essays, etc.

While there is no length maximum for fiction, we prefer pieces under 3000, especially flash fiction under 1000. We typically will not consider excerpts of longer pieces. Please submit one to two fiction pieces at a time, or send us up to three if they are under 1000 words.


Send up to seven poems.

Comics & Images Guidelines

Send up to 4-12 images (as long as they’re all in one email). If you have an art piece you want to submit and you do not have a camera, please contact us and we will see what we can do.

Print dimensions will be 5.5 in. x 8.5 in. (half-letter).We can do full color on the website, but b&w in print. Any image file should be fine, so long as it is at least 300dpi. The maximum number of pages is 12, however if you have a longer piece we can try to work something out.


Please email us at with any questions.


ps. we just couldn’t stop…

We want you dearly to make us for once and forever fall truly in love.

You have not only our ears and our eyes, but you’ve stolen our undead hearts and unburied brains. Sweet grave-defilers, ye! Stoke our fires, for we are cavernous, caress our ears in sweet word and gross image.

Please stitch us up and make us lovely again. Please remind us love is a happy ending. Even if we are absolute monsters.

Bring us werewolves and vampires (hot, sparkly or otherwise!); bring us mermaids loving mothmen; bring us earthquakes loving trolls. Bring us heartbreak. Bring us an inside out Fabio with his organs on his sleeve.

Woo us with your wampuses. Give us something extra-(terrestrial?)-ordinary paired with something ordinary, something mundane, something cute in an embarrassing way. The love between Mx. Subterranean and Mr. Inter-Dimensional Sky Being. Miss Actual-Universe and Mrs. Lava Creature (oh the drama!). Even Mr. and Mrs. Lizard, retired, evil, lovable.

Yours, forever in this life and whatever lives we might imagine together,

Deep Overstock

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