A Romance in 300 words by Sarah Denison

  1. Cempasúchils

I am whispering in the room of my heart.
Do you hear me?

When my skull tingles,
When you cook eggs in the morning,
When I wake in the night and you’re still asleep but your hand reaches for my thigh anyway?
When we kiss in the parking lot and someone whistles and I get mad but you just

When I look at you and wonder exactly when I lost the will to look away?

Maybe when I give you marigolds and watch you rip the petals one by one –
she loves me
she loves me
she loves me.

  1. How to Apologize

“I said, are you even listening to me?”
“Woah, are you mad? What did I do?”
“The least you could have done is texted to say you were gonna be late.”
“What is with you and texting? You’re so needy.”
“I’m not needy. It was inconsiderate.”
“Why are you making such a big deal about this?”
“I’m not. I just want-”
“I just want you to say you’re sorry.”
“Fine. I’m sorry if you felt I was being ‘inconsiderate.’ Happy?”
“No! That’s not a real apology.”
“Jesus! You’re so dramatic! Fuck this shit.”
“Wait! Come back! I’m sorry.”

  1. Erigenia Bulbosa (Harbinger of Spring)

You used to call me “delicate flower.” I thought you were teasing, like when I called you “grumpy.” But now I think that’s how you wanted me. Because if I were delicate, I would be easier to bend.

But what you don’t know about flowers is that the most delicate ones – the ones that bloom in early spring – are not delicate at all. They are hardy. And clever. Before anyone else gets a chance, they push through frost-hardened ground – beat the forest to the sunshine. They gulp it down. They drink their fill, make love to the bees, and survive.

Sarah Denison is an English language teacher from Kentucky. Many years ago, she worked as an editor and writer for her university’s newspaper and literary journals. She enjoys memoirs, literary fiction, poetry, mysteries, science nonfiction, and cozy sci-fi. Her favorite place to read is in a tent by flashlight.

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