Arch of Aorta

To kiss open

your mouth

Don’t mind me, swallowing

Teeth from the shallow

Bowl of your mouth

Tonguing for

Nerve bundle berries

Coiled tangles

of your throat

Inside of you is so dark

I can barely make out the purples

of your pink

Small intestine

I’m sorry I can’t say I love you unless

alluding to arching my spine

Mimicry of bend

of blackberry vine

It’s just that

When you said I was brave

Several golden stamens

Burst Bloomed from my mouth

Shrapnel from my orifice

I want to Bury Plant Dive

All of my tongues inside you

Your airways stuffed

with my flesh anther and filament

Pressed against the pith of you

At the aortic root of it all

Your heart is a beating thing

Tucked behind and between

Your lungs Life was

the greatest liminal space of all

Real only for the moment

I was as close to you as your blood

In the valves

Of your aortic arch

Do you even know

How fucking long

your aorta is

The roots were inside the whole

time the roots

were on the inside

the entire time Look

I’m pulling

them up from inside you

All your red string

cat cradle

in my fingers

At 17, Junix Seraphim started their first over-the-table work as a bookseller at Barnes & Noble in the mall. When that wasn’t enough to pay their rent, bills, and put themselves through community college, they moved to Powell’s where they also worked as a bookseller. Today, Junix is a poet, drag king, and grassroots organizer fighting for the rights and livelihoods of Filipinos in the homeland and in the belly of the beast, the U.S. Their love of goth culture and black lipstick is reflected in his drag performances, which range from campy character drag to macabre explorations of his personal relationship with death, and the relationships with death held by their communities. Junix and their friends are actively shaping the transsexual future.

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