good night by Francesca J. Sidoti

some sleep carries dreams
to a far heaven
I watch them roll
beneath your eyes sands
perched in dunes, trailing
broken chimes.

the flower moon sees
you in your bed
on a forest floor
where moss makes bark
soft. Arms folded, you
catch leaves from the
blanket wind.

sleep finds you without
dreams your face turned
to the trees still standing
some nights sea and
mountains come when trains
bring them rumbling it
is still enough to hear.
still flowing asleep you
welcome them.

violet air drifts, stars
lift themselves to see
you tucked in tumbled
leaves. hours are solemn.
you smile for them,
Waking much later in
the light.

In college I worked at the campus bookstore as well at a stationery store specializing in writing supplies. At the time, the college bookstore was a Barnes & Noble. This was long in the past, but I have maintained an affinity for bookstores, particularly independent bookshops. Every time we go on vacation or a weekend getaway, we seek out the local, interesting offbeat bookstore for an afternoon browse.
My work has been published in Chiron Review, Haight-Ashbury LIterary Journal, South Ash Press, Viet Nam Generation, Connections and other literary magazines; however, this is my first submission in 25 years. I have just recently returned to submitting my work for publication following a 25-year hiatus. As a featured reader I have appeared in bookstores and other venues throughout the US and Canada. I am grateful over the years to have received several awards, most recently the Dorn Space 2021 Poet of the Year

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