Pay Attention by Peggy Heitmann

I ask my husband,
Did you notice the new
apartments downtown?
He looks at me curiously before he answers.

I amaze my husband
by my lack of observation.
I fail to note
road construction,
high-rise offices,
those apartments built 5 years ago,
and highway detour signs.

I cocoon myself in a small world.
I’m attracted to only important details:
the enchanting cadence of his voice,
the rise and fall of his chest when he breathes,
the smell of his cologne,
the feel of his hand as he brushes my cheek,
the way his eyes soften when he smiles at me.

Peggy Heitmann has published poems and forthcoming in Remington Review, Months to Years, Last Leaves, and The Impostor, among others. She considers herself both word & visual artist, and a medium. Peggy lives in Raleigh, NC area with her husband and two cats.

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