Letter from the Editors:

Dearest Readers,

What light through yonder journal breaks? It’s the 15th issue of Deep Overstock: Shakespeare! We could bardly contain ourselves while reading all of your submissions.

This issue we have pieces that are Comedies, Tragedies, and Histories, and Problem Plays, just like the great playwright himself. We’ve got Ophelias, Caesars, Juliets, Antonys, Hamlets, hags, and witches. What a super cast of characters.

Speaking of super characters, submissions for Issue 16: Superheroes are open from now until February 28th. Up, up, and away, dear readers!

Yours, until the curtain falls,
Deep Overstock Editors

(Cover art: The First Appearance of William Shakespeare on the Stage of the Globe Theatre, George Cruikshank, 1864-1865)

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Dr. Thomas DavisonShakespeare Imprisoned
Frank De CanioBottom
Kate FalveyA Bard in the Forest of Arden; The Hag in the Tree
James HallYarrow Spells
Jen Mierisch“The Merry Real Housewives of Windsor” and Other Modern Shakespearean Adaptations
Wilda MorrisEven Shakespeare Knew, a Mesostic Poem; On Appointing a Committee Chairperson: a Golden Shovel Poem; Quoting Scripture: a Snake Poem
Kathryn PaulsenVIOLA’S SONG
John SullivanProspero & Company Go Way Off Book
Elizabeth SylviaDear Helena,; Emilia at the Curtain; Ringed
Nicholas YandellAntonio’s Waves: (A meditation on Twelfth Night)


John DavisIago Resides Inside the Insane Asylum
Frank De CanioHer Peacock Feathers (as a Montague antagonist)
RC deWintershakespeare zombie
David de YoungA Short Summary of the Aubade from Romeo and Juliet Act 3, Scene 5
Anna Laura FalveyWeirds to Stage
Kate Falvey Ophelia Laughs
Teresa Sari FitzPatrickSonnet At Last
Ed HigginsOphelia
Valerie HunterMercutio’s Lament
Karla Linn MerrifieldParsing #3
Wilda MorrisShakespeare Did Not Know How My Mother Would Die: a Trimeric Poem
Shakti Pada MukhopadhyayOde to Cordelia
James B. NicolaA Carving
Timothy Arliss OBrienA Shakespearean curse
Debbie PetersTo My Last Syllable
Elizabeth SylviaWeird Sisters
Z.B. WagmanNight is Over and Day is Almost Here


Maev BarbaElevator Macbeth
Mickey CollinsThe Truth about Shakespeare
Chaitra KotasthaneCalpurnia’s Speech after Caesar’s Death
Wilda MorrisAntony Wrestles with His Love for Cleopatra: a Cento; Cordelia’s Wisdom for Today
Elizabeth SylviaReading and Writing about Shakespeare; Slow as the Elephant; Understudy


A.G. AngevineMe; You
Greg BellShakespeare Replies to Attacks on Theatre
Lynette G. EspositoA Feral Cat Named Shakespeare; The Bard Cowboy; When Shakespeare Wrote a Haiku
Bogdan GrozaA Bard and his Shadow
Farnilf P.Words Are Lies — Magical Antidote #2
Elizabeth SylviaPalinode: Shakespeare’s Women
K.B. ThomasThe Eternal


Editors-In-Chief: Mickey Collins & Robert Eversmann
Managing Editors: Michael Santiago & Z.B. Wagman
Poetry: Jihye Shin
Prose: Michael Santiago & Z.B. Wagman
Copyeditor: A.G. Angevine