Me – A.G. Angevine

There is no love in what I feel for you. 
There is desire, pain, joy, and grief; no love, 
Though longing squats within my chest, the old 
Unwanted guest I never can evict. 

Believ’d was I in love most of my life, 
The subject of as hidden from myself
As one born speaking language dead to all
But those who pass’d ten centuries ago.

But now I know the difference between 
My love and longing, twins made from two types
Of stone. When thorns are birthed between your lips: 
“I think I fall in love with everyone,” 

My wounded heart has barely strength to breathe,
“And yet you never fell in love with me.”

A.G. Angevine is a queer writer and actor from the Pacific Northwest. She lives with two cats, two humans, and two very dramatic peace lilies.

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