Mickey’s Blahg #9

Number nine number nine number nine number nine number nine…

Happy new year, dear readers, stockers, and stalkers alike. Sorry I haven’t done one of these in awhile. For those that don’t know my wife and I had our first kid around the end of September, so that’s kept me busy. So busy in fact I didn’t get my Shakespeare submission into the print journal in time! It’s still available online though. (I’m not humble enough to let a deadline stop me from publishing when I’ve got the password to the website.)

But what a great segue into our latest, and Mickey-less, release: Deep Overstock #15: Shakespeare. These pieces really go to show how influential Shakespeare was. I expected we would receive a lot of plays, but instead we received more poetry submissions than for any other theme so far. For Superheroes I’m expecting a lot of comics or artwork, so I guess that means we’ll receive nonfiction essays or autobiographical interpretative dances.

This is going to be a great year, right? Just look at all those 2’s; it two-riffic! We’re starting this year out right with a second announcement alongside the journal: a subscription service, at long last. You can sign up to receive a year of DO journals! Check out deepoverstock.shop/subscribe for all the info.

And on the DO Publishing side, we’re getting close to announcing the next addition to our lineup written a long-time friend to the journal. Very excited about that. Hopefully we’ll have more coming down the pipeline soon. We have published two titles every year since 2019, except for last year. I blame The Supply Chain. I guess that means we’ll need to publish three titles this year to catch up. You may think that goes against what 2022 stands for, but there’s three twos, so it counts.

I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me again soon (at least sooner than half a year and some change), especially if you’re a fan of Late Night Pomes Radio.


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