The Truth About Shakespeare – Mickey Collins

Shakespeare was prolific with nearly 40 plays to his name. How does one man write all of those great works of art? The answer is: he didn’t. [citation needed]

Some scholars think that Shakespeare was actually multiple people collaborating, but that’s ludicrous. The idea that that many people could work together on over 30 plays is crazy. No group of people have ever been able to work together cohesively enough to produce that much. [source]

No Shakespeare wasn’t a group of people, but he wasn’t a normal man either; he was one man with five heads. [citation needed]

So how can I prove that he had five heads? The only proof you need is that the “MSA” (mainstream academia) isn’t reporting on this! Wake up, Shakeple!

“Wait,” you might say, “But I’ve seen the painting of him. He only had one head, he did.” 

That’s Bill, the most photogenic of the five. The other four heads ganged up on the artist to make sure they weren’t in the image to keep their secret safe. A similar thing happened whenever Shakespeare went on stage or met with the Queen. Any paintings of him with five heads were destroyed in mysterious circumstances. [citation needed] The world wasn’t ready to hear the truth, until now.

The other four heads were Sha, Ke, Spea, and Re. Spea, having the most letters to his name was the most vocal, but Sha was their de facto leader. Re just sort of followed with whatever the others were doing. [citation needed] Ke was the most mysterious of them. His handiwork can be seen in nearly every piece they did and yet always felt like he never got his due. He was a middle-of-the-road kind of guy and felt overshadowed by the others. [citation needed] Spea was always getting into arguments with Sha over names of characters or certain lines (it’s him you have to thank for Romeo and Juliet, not Rompeo and Jules).

That’s just a taste of how deep this river goes. You can find out more about Bill, Sha, Ke, Spea and Re on my website: unless the pedophilic, corporate elite Democ-rats have it blocked in your region. This post is certain to get flagged as well for “false information” so share it with likeminded individuals. They can’t silence all of us!

And remember: Anyone who disagrees with this is on the side of “Fakespeare” and the MSA. Don’t let their so-called “knowledge from college” fool you.

Mickey rights wrongs. Mickey wrongs rites. Mickey writes words, sometimes wrong words but he tries to get it write.

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