Unknown artistSilver Age of Comic Books? (1956-1970)Pencil on paper Recently recovered art dating from around the Silver Age of Comics, these sketches show concept art of a previously unseen and unused superhero: The Book-Stellar and their sidekick/bookstore cat Cat-a-Log (following page). From the notes gathered, this was to be aContinue Reading

My grandpa was a wizard. He may not have looked it; he didn’t have a beard or wear a cape, but he was magical. Most people may think that their own grandpa is a magician of sorts, just because they’re able to pull nickels from behind an ear or heContinue Reading

Dear Tristan, 2031, Look at you, knowing how to read. Hopefully that means I’ve done something right. Who are you? I only know you in black and white. Even your name is nothing more than just an idea. I haven’t felt you or seen you. It’s weird to write aContinue Reading

“Where’s mom?” asked Cole. “She’s gone.” “Where did she go?” “I don’t know, all she left was this note: Don’t come looking for me.” The note was made up of cut-out letters from her collectible newspapers. She would never have destroyed those just to leave a message, no matter theContinue Reading

I never thought that a mole people invasion would happen in my lifetime.  They had always been there, waiting. We don’t know why, they just were. And then one day, they broke through the surface. Out of the blue. I had heard stories of it happening to cities far awayContinue Reading

“We should get a cat for Cole,” said Brad to Alice. “A pet would do him some good.” Alice looked to Brad from behind her “#1 Mom” coffee cup. She pulled the muffin he was about to grab away from him. “Remember what the doctor said?” Brad’s face fell, butContinue Reading

Abstract:  Is “baby fever” a real disease? Is there a ticking “biological clock”? After a close personal study of two subjects, the findings of this paper set out to prove that baby fever is indeed a real and also deadly disease. Symptoms of baby fever were found to include: aContinue Reading

Was that my door I heard? I slowly rose and crawled to my door. Who was this new arrival at my door? I wasn’t expecting guests. Surely if any friends were going to stop by they would have phoned ahead. Did I pay the phone bill? If I press myContinue Reading