One day a boy was sitting on a park bench, eyeing a girl across the way whom he loved. As he heaved another deep sigh over his lovelorn position, he heard a tiny voice ask him, “What’s wrong, chum?” The boy looked down to see a tiny tick on theContinue Reading

Who knew that I’d be low below, a troll ‘neath a bridge, waiting for my next toll, gathering mold eating stale rolls and making mountains out of mole skulls just wanting to haul someone close to me   Knights often want to cross those Sir Chads make me mad butContinue Reading

Space exploration has ended. We’ve reached the end. Space is not infinitely expanding, though at one point we did think that. Space does have an end. I should know, I live there. I stretch out and my hands bump into the ceiling. This isn’t all that surprising; they said IContinue Reading