We had some empty cardboard boxes from moving. We wanted to build something: a spaceship we decided. My brother got to choose, he wasn’t older but he was in charge. I looked up to him. That’s how we worked. He planned it all out, and I taped up the edgesContinue Reading

phone homephone homeit’s miles awayyou’re miles awaydisconnectedbut the landline’s still plugged inby thin wiresand electrical pulsesgoing this way and thatlike memories traversing back and forththrough mountains and oceans in your mindyou almost can’t bring-ring yourself to hang on…ring-ringfamily gathering-ringparents overbearing-ringa weight you’re shouldering-ringdangling on a heartstring-ringsplintering-ringjumping and teetering-ringerring-ringregretting. . .hello?hellContinue Reading

Your honor, the problem with lover’s lookout isn’t that I’m not ever invited. I don’t even have a problem with my schoolmates going up there to makeout or whatever they do up there. The problem is that the bodies of the would-be lovers were never found. There’s a monster roamingContinue Reading

“So what do you do for a living?” “You could say I’m in law enforcement.” “Like a deputy? A sheriff? Do you carry a gun? Can I see your badge?” “Hold up, little darling. It’s nothing like that. You know the wanted posters?” “Like the ones they have at theContinue Reading

I came to Japan for one reason only: to try the best sushi. Apparently a new place opened up and it was so the rage. My traveling partner was still fighting off jet lag so I set off on my own. The place wasn’t too hard to find, there wasContinue Reading

I had a woman whose name was Sandy Around the house she was quite handy. I was called out to sea, for work you see, Had a calling for fish, just before tea,   Sandy come back, to me   Sandy share your heart, with me But a storm wasContinue Reading

Eyepatch I have a lack of sight Upon my eye of right My lass knows this So on my left she’ll kiss Her lover just out of spite   Peg Leg There once was a captain named Stark Though Eileen was her nom de lark She limped, she waddled CauseContinue Reading

A new job, a new journal. If found please bring this journal to the police, for it means I have been killed by less than normal means. Through my sources, I heard there were some missing people in a small town. People no one would care about in a dead-endContinue Reading

feat. Andy Anderson, bb, Mickey Collins, Joe Galván, Sara Kachelman, Ariel Kusby, Olivia Olivia, Phoenix Singer, Piers Rippey, Remy Autumn Torres, and Katie Borak. Dear travelers of the deep, dark woods, We see you have a basket of breads and beautiful chocolates. We see you are nice in your heartContinue Reading