I Hope – Mickey Collins

Dear Tristan, 2031,

Look at you, knowing how to read. Hopefully that means I’ve done something right.

Who are you? I only know you in black and white. Even your name is nothing more than just an idea. I haven’t felt you or seen you.

It’s weird to write a letter to the future. I’ve never even successfully opened a time capsule. Fortunately I’ll know where this one is.

Since I can’t know who you’ve become, I’ll tell you who I hope you are.

I hope you’re a dinosaur boy, and not a construction boy. I hope you enjoy all the cartoons I liked. And maybe you’ve introduced me to some new ones. I hope you laugh at all my jokes at least for my sake. I hope you’ve made friends. I hope you’re kind to others and to yourself. I hope you like cats. I hope you like the outdoors. I hope you don’t let them get to you. I hope you make the world a better place.

I know you’ll make mine better.

Your father,
Cole, 2021

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