Secret aaaagent man–A tee.Secret aaaaagent man–A tee.They’ve given you some blubberAnd taken away your mane.    –Johnny Estuaries From his waterfront office, located within the mangroves and womangroves of Kissimmeeyoufool, Florida, Secret Agent Manatee logged into his laptop. A new episode of his favorite whalepodcast, Last Night Spumes Raydio had been postedContinue Reading

No harmful bacteria detected. PH level is within the acceptable range. Nitrates, sulfates, iron and manganese levels are stable. Water analysis complete: drinkable. Examination phase cleared, proceed with mission. It has been 4625 days since I was placed to guard this post, make daily water analysis, and await further instructions.Continue Reading

The Light Tower There is an immense light on immense legs. It is as if the bulb of a lighthouse were rolled onto the legs of a water tower. As men lose their hair and graduate high school, they ascend the ladder up the tower. They got a woman pregnant,Continue Reading

Our town’s favorite men were the men in blue jumpsuits who walked into the forest then down into the collider. The collider was a good way’s underground. It went under the forest, then under our town. We prayed for life to our collider, on our knees beside our beds. OurContinue Reading

At the exact moment where night becomes day, there’s a meet-cute between heat & atmosphere that only takes place in certain places; not in L.A. or the Florida Keys, where white-sand minutes tick strictly forward, but along plainland rivers where crickets & frogs take turns directing an orchestra of timberContinue Reading

[The phone rings] Austen residence. This is Andrews. Is Miss Austen in? Oh, Mr. Andrews. Yes, she’s here. May I talk to her, Cassandra? Why? Is it important? By the way, I am ‘Miss Austen.’ I would prefer it if you don’t call me ‘Cassandra.’ My sister is also ‘MissContinue Reading

The time trilogy: 1. The past will always stay around to haunt us 1a. Yesterday was the past. A monster we cannot move. But maybe we can cage it, Or befriend it. 1b. The past is in the past, And now that time has past, We can move past, TheContinue Reading

Dear 21st Century, We speak to you here in terms familiar to you, in patterns amenable to your native sense, but we would like to emphasize that these terms and patterns are yours, and not ours, though we translate our own notions into yours. Naturally, much is lost in translation.Continue Reading

It is hard to tell now what is the absinthe and what is the bile. Matyáš and Tomáš contemplate the red doors.  Behind one red door is the incinerator. Behind the other red door is the future. Outside the laboratory altogether then is the third option, the option already insideContinue Reading