E.T. Starmann is a pulp fanatic. Although he may not be a professional bookseller or librarian, he is a long-time Weird Tales, Amazing Stories, AllStory collector. A Portland native, E.T. has spent countless hours in the Gold Room nook at Powell’s, pouring through the latest pulp rack covers. E.T.’s workContinue Reading

There was no delay in my work. The lathe machines were pumping. I could not get them to stop, no matter how much I begged them. There had never been such demand.  The machines of our street pumped into the night. The air above the tarmac was a shimmering metalContinue Reading

The Pharaoh, a born idealist but a decided realist, ruled his lands fairly. Although the streets did not shine with gold, the lands were abundant with soil fertile enough for perennial crops of wine grapes, olives, and apricot trees. His people had a dependable harvest in the autumn months, andContinue Reading

He had a double-name where you couldn’t get away with saying one or the other, you had to say both. It was hard to remember. It was “Asher Pembroke” or “Antonio Pope,” or something. But I knew it was Anderson Percy. The boy himself could never spell it. Instead, everybodyContinue Reading

The defining moments in our lives often don’t come with advance warning. ~ Sally Yates, former US Deputy Attorney General I read the news today, then consulted the Tarot. Seeing myself in the Major Arcana’s High Priestess of unknown secrets and hidden information, who dispenses both if I’ll listen: WhatContinue Reading

Dear Tristan, 2031, Look at you, knowing how to read. Hopefully that means I’ve done something right. Who are you? I only know you in black and white. Even your name is nothing more than just an idea. I haven’t felt you or seen you. It’s weird to write aContinue Reading