I crept up to him while he slept and studied the twitches his dreams made beneath his frail eyelids. He should have sensed my stare. Soon I knew if he was being chased by wings and needles, or if he was lost in a flailing bark inside the snapping prongsContinue Reading

We set ourselves out at dawn when there’s nothing but brinesoak’d air and heath. The least weird of our sisters takes out a green Crayola marker and colored in a burnt orange leaf this morning. The ink was too thin: too much water, not enough pigment, running black between theContinue Reading

Spells inspired by Midsummer’s Nights Dream Love Medicine Yarrow blossom sparkles like the sun, rayed white flowers, spirit powers anoint sleeping lids with potion fine awakened at dawn, loves eyes meet mine. His heart, I snare, with yarrow fair More lustrous appears my hair, more alluring becomes my face, ardorContinue Reading

as the crow-flowers tickle and the nettles prick her remembrances. she is a river of dream purpling the shadows of overhanging branches as, mermaid-like a while, she buoys herself up with flow and flight, no more the awkward baggage of a boy with clanking ghostly chains for brains. Kate Falvey’sContinue Reading

Ever since the birth of Ophelia Those of us who sing aloud For no reason have garnered Strange looks from the silent But when the angel falls When the phoenix burns When the birth cry finally comes Lips have no recourse but parting After comes the quiet death The ash,Continue Reading

Repeated lines are from Cordelia in King Lear by William Shakespeare Time shall unfold what plaited cunning hides. Ask Richard Nixon, “Who erased the tape?” Who cover faults, at last shame them derides. They’re often drowned by elemental tides while telling lies to make a clean escape. Time shall unfoldContinue Reading