A Feral Cat Named Shakespeare – Lynette G. Esposito

He came to us in that odd way
A feline knows--
A porch seat empty, 
An opened can of tuna on the step
His mind, a cat’s mind, simply seeking
warmth and food.
This feral creature did not know
the generosity of a back rub,
the safety of a lap.
He became Shakespeare
who lounged atop my many books,
looked down upon me with wild feline
bit my toes in bed to play
and wrote a kinder story for my life.
With his clear instinctive sight,
he sees me better than I am
trusts me with his whole self,
not like a few words silent on the shelf,
but with a soothing purr.
Shakespeare warms my cold heart.

Lynette Esposito has been published in Poetry Quarterly, Inwood Indiana, Walt Whitman Project, That Literary Review, North of Oxford, and others. She was married to Attilio Esposito.

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