I am your spaniel – A Midsummer Night’s Dream When you told Demetrius that the girl he lusted for was headed for the forest with the boy she wanted in her turn and then you followed him with hopes that he would beat you like his dog, I knew youContinue Reading

Uncouth it was, a fall from grace, but when we passed the thick-barked tree I heard it, rustling, asking me to carve initials on its face— four—enclose them, and then trace a heart around them, making two one, albeit metaphorically. For Antony and Romeo are known only from what wasContinue Reading

The song is one we’ve known for years, and though The words may come from you, I am the one Who knows them all by heart. Your fingers dance On vinyl strings, and my blood pumps in time With every strum. How long did we see eye To eye, andContinue Reading