Descend. Be stone no more. – The Winter’s Tale “Was Shakespeare a Woman?” – Elizabeth Winkler, The Atlantic Remember, when absence comes along ringing his empty bell of doubt that everyone will someday dream about the loves they lost and those they left among the ruins when the bonds theyContinue Reading

The fae I found blessed me one winter day The way the act of how to give a curse Be swift with me and I will have my say Be wary before I rise and spill this verse. I bless you here with this Shakespearean curse: (A perfect Shakespearean sonnet)Continue Reading

I. Methinks you’ll not say I exaggerateIn telling you that history repeats;Full oft, I used my craft to contemplateThe many ways, o’er centuries, Time eatsHer own. And, certes, Caesar such a case.The senate stamped him praetor maximus,Unthinking the Republic to erase,Yet Ides of March proved Time more ravenous:Brought down decorum,Continue Reading