There is no love in what I feel for you. There is desire, pain, joy, and grief; no love, Though longing squats within my chest, the old Unwanted guest I never can evict. Believ’d was I in love most of my life, The subject of as hidden from myself AsContinue Reading

The song is one we’ve known for years, and though The words may come from you, I am the one Who knows them all by heart. Your fingers dance On vinyl strings, and my blood pumps in time With every strum. How long did we see eye To eye, andContinue Reading

First, there was the Void. And the Great Mother swam through the sea of nothing and was cradled by the Void. And the Void sang to Her. The Mother described the Void, and all the infinite they contained. And their love was eternal because there was no time and soContinue Reading

Once upon a time… Such a derivative phrase. And overused, in my opinion. But, it serves as well as any for my purposes, so here it goes. Once upon a time, there was a small village clinging to the rocky edge of the smallest island at the northernmost tip ofContinue Reading

5.  I remember the cold stones against my toes. I remember the roughness of the wooden door frame beneath my fingers. I remember the jagged indentation in the floor, the one that perfectly fit the pad of my thumb, that became smooth and soft with years of worrying. I rememberContinue Reading