You – A.G. Angevine

The song is one we’ve known for years, and though 
The words may come from you, I am the one 
Who knows them all by heart. Your fingers dance 
On vinyl strings, and my blood pumps in time 

With every strum. How long did we see eye 
To eye, and breath a single pair of lungs? 
A shar’d eternity within a glance, 
Kaleidoscoping moments into one.

You knew, by then, how much in love I was; 
And still you held my gaze, across the room, 
As though we did not sleep in sep’rate beds 
And always would. And still I let myself

Believe one day you’d look at me and see
Things of which I never could be worthy.

A.G. Angevine is a queer writer and actor from the Pacific Northwest. She lives with two cats, two humans, and two very dramatic peace lilies.

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