Yarrow Spells – James Hall

Spells inspired by Midsummer’s Nights Dream

Love Medicine

Yarrow blossom sparkles like the sun,
             rayed white flowers, spirit powers
anoint sleeping lids with potion fine
        awakened at dawn, loves eyes meet
mine. His heart, I snare, with yarrow fair
More lustrous appears my hair,
more alluring becomes my face,
ardor enraptured by my grace.
       Capture soul, my love for me alone,
each kiss, his soul I will devour,
              Desire naught save honeyed lips,
             all other loves I will eclipse,
             passion flame captured for only one,
             if he loves me not, let him love none.


Yarrow, may I be the morning star at dawn,
Yarrow, make me a rock for clan to rest on,
Yarrow, use me as a staff to bear the weak,
Yarrow, cast me true portent reading,
Yarrow, stop injured wounds bleeding,
Yarrow, strengthen my power to heal.
         Yarrow, restore my energy,
    Then, no one will ever wound me.

James Hall is a writer and medical professional working in Chicago with interests in cider craft, book collecting and mythology, his poems have appeared or forthcoming in, Front Porch Review, Blood and Thunder, The Stratford Quarterly, and others. He recently completed the manuscript for his debut novel Canticle of Dreams.

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