Parsing #3 – Karla Linn Merrifield

Oh, noblest of efforts by novices
this spring evening not gone unnoticed.
Such potent nouns summoned to play at names—
monotony, tears, regret— & verb games:
present tense, past tense, return present tense—
with echoes of Romeo’s dawning sense;
with deep down inside, inside my heart
doubling the mind’s pain at lost love’s new start.
And nothing improved, nothing good remained.
The passive voice? This poem by it gained.

Karla Linn Merrifield has 14 books to her credit, including the 2019 full-length book Athabaskan Fractal: Poems of the Far North from Cirque Press. She is currently working on a poetry collection, My Body the Guitar, to be published in December 2021 by Before Your Quiet Eyes Publications Holograph Series.

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