As I was sorting it all out,I found among my brother’s papershis passport application, completed.And official photos shota year before he died.He must have been two pinched to file. Whereas I am flush, I realize,thus properly documented.Border crossings, customs, proofof citizenry? No problem. Just this summeron my first trip northIContinue Reading

Yesterday a littledeath was recordedby the NSA routinelyeavesdropping on Yahootapping two IMerstyping their cyberfuckin real timefour geeks on dutybeneath Ft. Meadeat Spy Central gottheir rocks offdigitally manipulatingthe long data streamto match the maximumeffect of allthose nimble lovers’fingers flying acrossthe keyboardsthe ethereach othervirtuallyin ecstasy Karla Linn Merrifield has had 1000+ poemsContinue Reading

What a pair of words he uses:nerve strangle; he employsthem instead of the deadeningeuphemistic trio: big-screen TV; track the obvious vector of brainlessness;poison of epidemic proportionswith mercury digitized, disseminatedon YouTube; its vids-gone-viral transmit the gigabyte lie directly into humanneurons—oh that it were pixelatedarsenic and, at the very least, we couldfirstContinue Reading

O, dastardly techno deedI perpetrate this morning:hacking into Jimmy’s gmail.Actually, it’s a piece o’ cake.He labeled a desktop shortcut moses001.The Google logo is a giveaway.And from there – Bingo! – directlyto jameskarlmerri@ on the far sideof cyberspace. Of 642 messages, only a few dozenfind me browsing familiar territory,our common groundContinue Reading

Hold Hands Fingers laced grasp of trust— affection Hug, aka Embrace Encircle enwrap arms firmly press bodies firmly— nuzzle clavicles On Love’s Highest Art: The Kiss Study first her lips with your lips only then slip tongues gingerly (for further study google searchRoy Lichtenstein Kiss II 1964) Re: Cunnilingus #1Continue Reading

When the yellow jacket stungmy hand, it died.I plucked out its stingeralong with a portion of its posterior. He bequeathed me his asshole,his apian F-you,and crash dove. He bit the sandand I left a footstep in the trail. For three days, fingers, palm,wrist remained swollen, throbbed.Only my opposable thumb wasContinue Reading

To Cetus I pray:Grant me the gene memoriesof Earth’s singing whales. The Pleiades yieldmagical capacityto ancient wishes. Orion easesmodern insecurities;I grow more primal. Ursa roars wildestgrammars of animacythat I may bear grief. From Virgo’s housecomes the polemical fistof stars, of stardust. Karla Linn Merrifield has had 1000+ poems appear inContinue Reading

He’s having a rough, rough time, dementia diminishing him. Tomorrow, a hospital bed arriveson the scene, set up in the living room…he’s lost his appetite just shy of totally; refuses much,ergo not getting nearly enough nutrition no matter how hard I try…so he sleeps to conserveenergy…also tomorrow a geriatric socialContinue Reading

You mean, what if I were Wonder Woman?“The Spirit of Truth” with an arsenal of advanced technology,butt-thigh-leg-arm muscles trained for combat, and goldenlasso to slay the idiot in the White House and cure the man in E716? Some nutcases think I’m some kind of Circe, witchy doctor-goddess,renowned for my vastContinue Reading

Oh, noblest of efforts by novices this spring evening not gone unnoticed. Such potent nouns summoned to play at names— monotony, tears, regret— & verb games: present tense, past tense, return present tense— with echoes of Romeo’s dawning sense; with deep down inside, inside my heart doubling the mind’s painContinue Reading