You mean, what if I were Wonder Woman?“The Spirit of Truth” with an arsenal of advanced technology,butt-thigh-leg-arm muscles trained for combat, and goldenlasso to slay the idiot in the White House and cure the man in E716? Some nutcases think I’m some kind of Circe, witchy doctor-goddess,renowned for my vastContinue Reading

To Cetus I pray:Grant me the gene memoriesof Earth’s singing whales. The Pleiades yieldmagical capacityto ancient wishes. Orion easesmodern insecurities;I grow more primal. Ursa roars wildestgrammars of animacythat I may bear grief. From Virgo’s housecomes the polemical fistof stars, of stardust. Karla Linn Merrifield has had 1000+ poems appear inContinue Reading

He’s having a rough, rough time, dementia diminishing him. Tomorrow, a hospital bed arriveson the scene, set up in the living room…he’s lost his appetite just shy of totally; refuses much,ergo not getting nearly enough nutrition no matter how hard I try…so he sleeps to conserveenergy…also tomorrow a geriatric socialContinue Reading

Oh, noblest of efforts by novices this spring evening not gone unnoticed. Such potent nouns summoned to play at names— monotony, tears, regret— & verb games: present tense, past tense, return present tense— with echoes of Romeo’s dawning sense; with deep down inside, inside my heart doubling the mind’s painContinue Reading

The defining moments in our lives often don’t come with advance warning. ~ Sally Yates, former US Deputy Attorney General I read the news today, then consulted the Tarot. Seeing myself in the Major Arcana’s High Priestess of unknown secrets and hidden information, who dispenses both if I’ll listen: WhatContinue Reading

It’s let’s-see time.Let’s see what’s in the dharmictelescope.Let’s see out therethat something in the Universeis about to happento someone in the galactic somewhere.I could be the one present,cosmically inclined,when it tumbles like magic.Or you might be the oneto mystically greet this astral happeningsomeplace in between monkey brainand Buddha mind.It’s goingContinue Reading

I learned Saturday I am only so much recycled star stuff. Atoms of my body, albeit an original mix of matter, date to one of the many Big Bangs of the multiverse. I’ve been feeling old lately, but, really people, that old? So said the astrophysicist on the auditorium stageContinue Reading