Sonnet At Last – Teresa Sari FitzPatrick

Ever since the birth of Ophelia
Those of us who sing aloud
For no reason have garnered
Strange looks from the silent
But when the angel falls
When the phoenix burns
When the birth cry finally comes
Lips have no recourse but parting
After comes the quiet death
The ash, the flowers, the blood and yet
The still orgastic seed of spring
Forever breaks its moldering husk
Bursting out and tearing off
And ripping me apart again.

Teresa Sari FitzPatrick is still trying to decide if selling books (Encore Books, Chestnut Hill, PA) or traveling the world was the better learning experience. She has an MFA from Rosemont College. Her poetry and essays have appeared in Schuylkill Valley Journal, Cochlea, and Crazy Bitch magazine. She served as the lead copy editor on the book Answering Autism: An Integrative Plan for Autism, ADD, and Neurodevelopmental Delays, written by the staff of Doman International where Teresa also worked as a teacher and French translator.

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