I knew since long ago, a curse walking into, on a saturday morning. A reflection from a shattered mirror the night before, the curse crawls up, from the abyss, bald, 210lbs, and way too old to exist. It knocked me out, with a bloody face, in the morning. It burnedContinue Reading

Many had complained to the Sheriff But those two were still mocking this whole rodeo. It was a strong gesture, an impassioned move. They were even rumored to say they loved one another. Many in the community just said they needed wives. But they just kept going “home” together toContinue Reading

The wild Wild West isn’t so wild anymore. It’s now mostly parking lots, suburbs, and shopping malls. But I did fuck a cowboy once. His horse wasn’t as big as he said, and I would have mistaken it for a petting zoo donkey in a parade. Idk how he couldContinue Reading

The other night I had a visceral dream.  And My banner was ten feet tall.  Enshrined upon it was God Loves Everyone. Rainbows dropped from it, as I stood blocking evil.  For you see Behind me Was a banner reading: Fags Burn In Hell.  The hatred spewed from the bannerContinue Reading