Undoing a Curse – Timothy Arliss O’Brien

I knew since long ago,
a curse walking into,
on a saturday morning.

A reflection from a shattered mirror the night before,
the curse crawls up,
from the abyss,
and way too old to exist.

It knocked me out,
with a bloody face,
in the morning.
It burned down three thai restaurants,
and leered over my shoulder,
of a coffee shop,
all afternoon.

By the spill of my red blood,
and this red ink on paper,
May I Be Free:

a broken mirror, a bloody face, and the bald abyss,

staring straight through me

I am an interdisciplinary artist in music composition, writing, and visual arts. My goal is to connect people to accessible new music that showcases virtuosic abilities without losing touch of authentic emotions. I have premiered music with The Astoria Music Festival, Cascadia Composers, and Sound of Late’s 48 hour Composition Competition. I also want to produce

writing that connects the reader to themselves in a way that promotes wonder and self realization. I have self published several novels, and have written for Look Up Records (Seattle), Our Bible App, and Deep Overstock: The Bookseller’s Journal. Check out my full discography, Where Are WE?, Piano Memories, Fear Sides and Soundbath, and my newest novel, Dear God I’m a Faggot at my website: www.timothyarlissobrien.com

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