“Odd how the creative power at once brings the whole universe to order.”Virginia Woolf “The creative adult is the child who survived.”Ursula K. Le Guin PrefaceIn the shadows of the marble walls,where echoes of ancient whispers linger, a dark arts college emerges,a tapestry woven with ink and pigment. Poets, composers,Continue Reading

In the moonlit shadows, I met a specter, A spirit from realms beyond, a ghost, a reflector. With whispers and echoes, a call from the past, A spectral interview, an encounter vast. In the haunted hollows, where memories lie, I summoned the apparition, beneath the midnight sky. A wisp ofContinue Reading

I am tying myself into knots. I undo them and redo them. I am myself knots. I undo and redo. I am knots. I undo them. I knot myself. Undo and redo. I am tying knots into myself. I redo and undo and undo and redo. I am myself, tyingContinue Reading

The pollinators sing,and the perennials dance through their short little lifespan. The bridge takes us over the water,And my two little wheels gift me freedomand grant me an overwhelming sense of calm. I wish that nature would take back over, and we could lay downand relinquish the earth unto her.(HerContinue Reading

The fae I found blessed me one winter day The way the act of how to give a curse Be swift with me and I will have my say Be wary before I rise and spill this verse. I bless you here with this Shakespearean curse: (A perfect Shakespearean sonnet)Continue Reading

Written with an artificial intelligence word list generator. 1. the magic of technology long ago the solemn presence warned night purplish black crystal traveling what remembered his name not even hope was there the winged edge falls out the globe many centuries since magic still lingered but technology prevailed steelContinue Reading

The time trilogy: 1. The past will always stay around to haunt us 1a. Yesterday was the past. A monster we cannot move. But maybe we can cage it, Or befriend it. 1b. The past is in the past, And now that time has past, We can move past, TheContinue Reading

A party, late eve, a brief get together One night at Murphy Manor. Too many had arrived, and not enough left by the end of the night. I wanted to enjoy my evening, But I’ve been out of my mind, Skyscrapers are growing through my head. Angels are trespassing, AndContinue Reading