I have a dream. – Timothy Arliss O’Brien

The other night I had a visceral dream. 


My banner was ten feet tall. 

Enshrined upon it was God Loves Everyone.

Rainbows dropped from it, as I stood blocking evil. 

For you see

Behind me

Was a banner reading: Fags Burn In Hell. 

The hatred spewed from the banner and angry bigot holding it. 

The name calling and void-of-love burned my ears,


I endured through the whole parade. 

Teaching others acceptance and love. 

A queer nocturnal heart cry. 


I have a dream! 

(Tell them about the dream Tim!)

I have a dream,

That one day, 

The world will have equity and acceptance, for all my queer family. 

A world so full of love there is no space for homophobia. 

I still have that dream. 

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