Memories From Oklahoma – Timothy Arliss O’Brien

The wild Wild West isn’t so wild anymore.

It’s now mostly parking lots, suburbs, and shopping malls.

But I did fuck a cowboy once.

His horse wasn’t as big as he said,

and I would have mistaken it for a petting zoo donkey in a parade.

Idk how he could take it to the rodeo.

And he was terrible with a lasso.

At least on me.

But who would be able to lasso me?

I’m the 21st century Wild West:

Weed, psychedelics, and new age philosophies,

Conquering the vast plains of the sub-conscience.

Maybe I just fucked a cowboy to brag about it.

I am an interdisciplinary artist in music composition, writing, and visual arts. My goal is to connect people to accessible new music that showcases virtuosic abilities without losing touch of authentic emotions. I have premiered music with The Astoria Music Festival, Cascadia Composers, and Sound of Late’s 48 hour Composition Competition. I also want to produce writing that connects the reader to themselves in a way that promotes wonder and self realization. I have self published several novels, and have written for Look Up Records (Seattle), Our Bible App, and Deep Overstock: The Bookseller’s Journal. Check out my full discography, Where Are WE?, Piano Memories, Fear Sides and Soundbath, and my newest novel, Dear God I’m a Faggot at my website:

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