Two Cowboys Holding Hands – Timothy Arliss O’Brien

Many had complained to the Sheriff

But those two were still mocking this whole rodeo.

It was a strong gesture, an impassioned move.

They were even rumored to say they loved one another.

Many in the community just said they needed wives.

But they just kept going “home” together to the same farm every night.

once, in the middle of the hottest summer on record, a few of the guys from the stockyards

drank heavily at the tavern and tried to burn down their barn.

But this was the day the town chose hope, kindness, and love.

For you see, the community remembered all the things those two cowboys had done for them.

Once they herded up a whole head of dairy cows, that had escaped the double O ranch. Another time they had fixed a two mile fence that had been damaged during a late spring tornado right in the middle of town.

These were good cowboys, and this town knew the difference between a hero, and a villain.

They spent all winter fixing their barn together.

And marrying in it in front of the whole town that spring.

The arsonists were charged and spent life behind bars.

Because no one harasses a good cowboy, or a couple of them.

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