DO#13: Future

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“Dear 21st Century,” we have here prophecies flown from lighthouse fires, intelligences emerged from growing plastics. We are assembling hopeless wastelands delivered piece-by-piece in Amazon packages. But what’s “In the Cards?” A “Time Trilogy,” “The Pharaoh’s Orchid” and “A Future from the Cone of Probability.” You might say we are “Lost in Space,” “S.A.L.,” high on “Medicine 2180” or “Reefless Madness,” or that we are literary drones of “Jane, Inc.,” but might “Take Refuge in the Sky.” We will tell you reader, we speak to you from the “Dew Point,” from futures passed, from “The Hymn of Sweet Soul,” from “Summits and Depths.” Lend your ear, “My Dear Astronomer,” and we will tell you “The Price of Getting Old.”

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5.5 in. x 8.5 in.
120 pages
Released: July 2021

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