DO#24: Classics


Stories have been around as long as humankind could speak and could ask about your weekend. Most of these stories have been lost to the ages of time and the hubbub of the watercooler, but those that are still read and talked about hundreds and thousands of years after being thought of are truly classics. But Classic stories with a capital C are more than just an English class assignment.

What makes a Classic classic is up for debate. Generally, they are stories that have stood the test of time and have created an impact on culture. Calling something a modern classic is a bit of an oxymoron, because how can anyone know that something today will be considered a classic in the future? And yet here in your hands you hold a modern classic with Deep Overstock 24: Classics.

With riffs and commentaries on Classics that have come before as well as new poems and short stories which will shortly become classics in their own right, this is a Deep Overstock for the ages. These are the new literary crop that will one day sit among the greats, in our humble opinion.

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Release date: 5/1/2024

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