Letter from the Editors:

Dearest Readers,

Magic is the impossible. Whether it’s a coin appearing from behind the ear, a rabbit disappearing into a hat, or a double rainbow across the sky, magic is what we wish could happen. It’s a suspension of disbelief to just enjoy the moment for what it is. It’s hope. And we could all use some hope and magic in our lives now.

This issue, the pieces are divided into the three parts of a magic trick as named by Christopher Priest in The Prestige: The Pledge, The Turn, and The Prestige. Contributors have taken on illusions, magicians, heroes and villeins, life and death, but the constant remains that these pieces promise and deliver on impossibilities that can only be described as magic.

Live in the moments these pieces provide. Return to your childlike wonder. And then turn your attention to the magical bard who was Shakespeare and write those sonnets, scenes, or whatever else, by November 30th.

Deep Overstock Editors

(Cover art: Ōme Tarot Card by Viviann Ruiz)

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The Pledge

Ben CrowleyA Circle of Witches
Kate FalveyGreen Ghost Remembers: The Death of the Wizard
Doris FerlegerCentos 1-5
Jo GriffinThe Color of Luck
Bogdan GrozaA Recipe for Disaster?
Hibah ShabkhezGrey Hair
K. B. ThomasSurprising Things
Jonathan van BelleThe Kerskiffet Sourhisk Dictionary of Magical Heilungery
Nicholas YandellWrestling with Magic

The Turn

Kummam Al-MaadeedAwaken
Yuan ChangmingImmortalizing: for Yuan Hongqi
Mickey CollinsMy Grandpa Was a Wizard
John DelaneyThe Magic of Living
Kate FalveyThe Woolgatherers
Timothy Arliss OBriena lesson in technical magic
Farnilf P.Everything Dies – Magical Antidote #3
Jonathan van BelleThe Garden of Forking Tongues

The Prestige

Shireen AroraThat shallow, musty grey, almost stagnant creek
Rachel AydtTiny Babbitt
Desiree DucharmeHeroes and Villeins
Lynette G. EspositoMarco Believed in Magic
Ryan Shane LopezFive Seed Swindle
Walter MoonSynchrony
David James PoissantMagic Act
Michael SantiagoBeyond the Velvet
Eric ThralbyMy Father, the Villain


Editors-In-Chief: Mickey Collins & Robert Eversmann
Managing Editors: Michael Santiago & Z.B. Wagman
Poetry: Jihye Shin
Prose: Michael Santiago & Z.B. Wagman
Translation Editor: Vicky Ruan
Copyeditor: Leora Joy Jones