Immortalizing: for Yuan Hongqi – Yuan Changming

         Buried deep in the topsoil
Of his native village, my father’s ash
Was swirled up in a tornado, joining
All the gods in Taoist legends high
Up in the western sky. He certainly
Has no idea if he can become a Buddha
As he wished; nor did he know he would
Leave earth in such magic manner, but as I
Look up afar into the heart of the universe, I see
A new star sparkling like his bone chip
Glittering in the urn, which I opened to see
Out of curiosity on my way to Shisanbao.
Where are you in this moment, dear Dad?
Still down in the land or up there in the sky?

Yuan Changming hails with Allen Yuan from Credits include Pushcart nominations and appearances in Best of the Best Canadian Poetry (2008-17) & BestNewPoemsOnline, among others. Recently, Yuan served on the jury for Canada’s 44th National Magazine Awards (poetry category).

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