He finds her sitting on top of the kitchen’s table, a hand holding a book, Dark Side of the Universe, and her other one lifts an apple to her mouth. She bites and chews. Peeking through her dark long hair, her eyes, those ruby eyes he missed, focused on theContinue Reading

My father was attacked by an unidentified animal. It concentrated on his eyes and neck. He is horrible to look at. He has become an angry threat because of his deformity. When people look, he looks back. When people ask, he follows them into the store and harasses them untilContinue Reading

Buried deep in the topsoil Of his native village, my father’s ash Was swirled up in a tornado, joining All the gods in Taoist legends high Up in the western sky. He certainly Has no idea if he can become a Buddha As he wished; nor did he know heContinue Reading

My grandpa was a wizard. He may not have looked it; he didn’t have a beard or wear a cape, but he was magical. Most people may think that their own grandpa is a magician of sorts, just because they’re able to pull nickels from behind an ear or heContinue Reading

Out of the proverbial top hat, like a rabbit, pulled. Imagine that was your beginning! The tooth fairy, Santa Claus, imaginary friends with extraordinary powers turned your focus into addiction with hocus-pocus and fiction. Language lent a sleight-of-hand to every word that you would understand. It could animate the heartless,Continue Reading

Millie and Adela waggle their tow-sacks through the stile, grazing the beech hedge as if they were moony golden sheep instead of moony dun girls meant to be sharp-eyed, not dozy and slack, watching for bits of fluff, flimsy in the scraggly brush. They trod on silver thistle, quaking grass,Continue Reading

Written with an artificial intelligence word list generator. 1. the magic of technology long ago the solemn presence warned night purplish black crystal traveling what remembered his name not even hope was there the winged edge falls out the globe many centuries since magic still lingered but technology prevailed steelContinue Reading

When Viviann Ruiz isn’t working as a library assistant they can be found drawing either in their local park or at home. Taking artistic inspiration from movies and video games. Most of their art can be found at glynloryl@tumblr.com.Continue Reading

Everything dies. From the ant you just stepped on to the chickens being slaughtered down the road. Everything dies. Everything dies. They say you’ll go on, live after. They have no proof. It’s probably lies. Desperate wanting. Everything dies. Everything dies. From your favorite TV show to your secret dream.Continue Reading

 When the male witches flew into the river they made a male raft, an enclosed circle of men, and spat from their shoulders, spinning like a wheel. We chased after them over many bridges, their lips like lilies opening, as they swiftly swept through river towns. I caught the attentionContinue Reading