When Viviann Ruiz isn’t working as a library assistant they can be found drawing either in their local park or at home. Taking artistic inspiration from movies and video games. Most of their art can be found at glynloryl@tumblr.com.Continue Reading

Everything dies. From the ant you just stepped on to the chickens being slaughtered down the road. Everything dies. Everything dies. They say you’ll go on, live after. They have no proof. It’s probably lies. Desperate wanting. Everything dies. Everything dies. From your favorite TV show to your secret dream.Continue Reading

 When the male witches flew into the river they made a male raft, an enclosed circle of men, and spat from their shoulders, spinning like a wheel. We chased after them over many bridges, their lips like lilies opening, as they swiftly swept through river towns. I caught the attentionContinue Reading

“Consider what is required,” said Gregor, “for something to be deemed a fact. There must first be a world, in some sense of world, to ground this thing called fact. How could the fact ‘water freezes’ be a fact without the existence of water? How could the fact ‘there areContinue Reading

I skulk around the gemmy corners of the emerald mausoleum and sift the twinkling dirt through the veil of my unnatural hand, as if memories of sentience were enough for me to hold the insubstantial grandeur of our lofty and unseemly dreaming. Never was I bold enough to challenge hisContinue Reading

CENTO 1: MY ECHOING COUNTRY (Marrying Neruda’s Love Poems with Rukeyser’s Book of the Dead mining disaster poems) In love you have loosened yourself like seawater. Or uneasy, wounded by me. In my body, bells, dove wings with eyes tired of my echoing country and its thrust of live coals,Continue Reading

Beth Babbitt’s parents died after an airplane slid off the runway in Chicago because of ice buildup. By the time they were gone, she was already grown, living alone in a floor-through apartment in downtown Manhattan. All there was to do was call the family lawyer. There was no funeral,Continue Reading

In a perfect world, motherhood would not be equal to loneliness, but hers was not a perfect world.  She was nineteen when she met him, when he took her to the rocky beaches of that town, the town where nothing ever happened and no one ever left, to feed theContinue Reading

It was a terrible misunderstanding that started with a misspelling. Knowing you are the victim of vocabulary is of little comfort or redress when you are chained to the wall of a dungeon awaiting your pyre. Knowledge does not sate your hunger. It does not ease the aching cold inContinue Reading