A Recipe for Disaster? – Bogdan Groza

Let us start with the fundamentals, the first thing that you will need is an alchemic circle, for there the essence of Truth converges and through it everything flows. Bear in mind that not just any circle will suffice, you will have confine within it a square, each point of its angles touching the circumference. These lines shall be traced with the ash that will be willingly provided by a phoenix upon its molting.

Within this circle, you shall place a vessel made out of the intertwined viridian leaves from the tree of Eons. Hence, you shall add a liquid basis: it must be the purest of morning dews that may be recovered only from within the frail buds of snowdrops.

Now it is time to add the other quintessential ingredients. First and foremost a pinch of infinity, but no more than that for even a speck more would lead to dire consequences. Then mix in two grains of sand from the hourglass of Eternity; this is important, one grain shall be taken from the top, from the time that is yet to come, and one from the bottom, from the sand that has already completed its journey. I am sure that Eternity, in its vast magnanimity, will not mind sharing. Start to stir gently in a helical pattern by using a perfectly smooth and straight branch from the World Tree. You will need to carefully put in a dash of the silence found at the Abyssal Firmament and a touch of noise from the first Great Explosion—as that from the second one just won’t do. Continue to mix the elixir as you do not want it to run rampant, trust me on this. The glimmer obtained through a kaleidoscope of diamonds will give the compound the spark that we need. We are slowly getting there.  

Now add an apple.

Once all this is done, you shall place four flakes of incandescent magma taken from the very core of the world, one on each corner of the square that you have previously traced. These specks of molten rock that would otherwise have only destructive properties will make the contents of the vessel boil and a gentle vapor will start to form. Now you will need to transmogrify said vapor, else it would become a malicious miasma, and that would be vexing indeed. To do so you shall cool it with the breeze that flows beyond the limits of the zenith, the one that caresses the cerulean stars and alabaster constellations.

If you have followed these instructions correctly, then the condensed vapor will finally take the form of a delicate creature; the components that were used will be imbued in it. I am very fond of this creation and think I shall call it a human being.

I, one of the Ten Sages of Lore, kindred to Eternity and bound to Truth end here my notes. I fear I must however forewarn my dearest colleagues: if even one step of this procedure is forlorn, if any component eschewed or not of the purity required, the end result could be catastrophic. This creature, this human, has the ability to surpass our expectations  and even ourselves, but only if made as I engraved here. I am unwavering in thinking that tampering with this formula would only lead to a situation we would be unable to face.

I was born in Romania and am currently living in Italy. I finished a Master’s Degree programme in European, American and Postcolonial Language and Literature at the faculty of Padua. I have been writing since I was about eighteen and several short stories and poems found their way in minor Italian anthologies. I recently managed to publish my first book, Athena, with a small publishing company.

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