SHADOW: Why hast thou summoned me once more from peaceful slumber?WILLIAM: I, summon thee? Surely you jest for ne’er once have I summoned thee. Thou appeare’st from torpid shadows to test mine patience, a fickle figment of mine craft and nothing more.SHADOW: Nay I say, nay. ‘Tis thy craft thatContinue Reading

Let us start with the fundamentals, the first thing that you will need is an alchemic circle, for there the essence of Truth converges and through it everything flows. Bear in mind that not just any circle will suffice, you will have confine within it a square, each point ofContinue Reading

No harmful bacteria detected. PH level is within the acceptable range. Nitrates, sulfates, iron and manganese levels are stable. Water analysis complete: drinkable. Examination phase cleared, proceed with mission. It has been 4625 days since I was placed to guard this post, make daily water analysis, and await further instructions.Continue Reading