Synchrony – Walter Moon

Zee felt the oxygen rush through her body as she began the Sim Go breathing technique. Her rapid breaths pumped her veins with life and jettisoned this newly invigorated blood throughout her internal depths. She felt her entire body. She silenced her mind completely. Everything that she controlled, utterly dedicated to the moment. 

The moment split, ripping open the fabric of time and allowing her to enter another cosmic plane. In this plane, time was meaningless and ethereal. Moments passed over eons, and centuries ended with the snap of a finger. 

Zee’s being aligned. 

Now complete, her consciousness stepped back through the portal, and into her corporeal body, as she exhaled her final breath of Sim Go. Zee opened her eyes, and set the arrow free from her taut bowstring. She closed her eyes again as the arrow soared up through the clouds, over the Floating Castle’s parapets, between a crack in the keep’s walls, arced down and slashed the kings throat, landing stiffly in the stone ground of the throne room as the despot bled out.

walter moon has been lost in books since birth and bookselling in one way or another for almost 20 years. living in portland with his partner, Nat, and their companion, Mishka, he strives to find the key to immortality but has trouble locating the key to his house.

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