Letter from the editors:

Dear Readers,

Thank you for reading the second issue of Deep Overstock, the booksellers’ journal.

Once upon a time (way back in March 2018), Deep Overstock started as a way to get booksellers connected and working creatively together. So many of our fellow bookstore employees are writers, illustrators, or comic artists. We wanted to give ourselves a deadline and a venue to explore new work.

With this issue, we hoped to draw in as many people as possible, and and is there a genre more universal than the fairy tale? As booksellers we come into contact with these stories every day. As kids we all grew up with them in one form or another. Who can forget stories about crowns that prick your finger and curse your family to generations of murder and cannibalism, or bewitchings because fairies in disguise watched you spit your gum on the street. (Just us?)

Our contributors have shown how many different directions we can take  the fairy/folktale, from the very beginning, with a reimagined Eden, through shadow puppet theater and magic spells, to end with a happily (or not-so-happily) ever after.. Even Goldilocks herself would have to say that this issue is “just right.”

We’re also excited to announce the theme for our next issue: Paranormal Romance. We invite you to supernaturally seduce us 😉

Deep Overstock Editors

(Cover art by Oaktea)

AJDBedtime with Frummy’s Friend
Andy AndersonThe Garden of W’s BeginningLate Night Pomes: Fairy Tales
bbTwo-Headed TrollLate Night Pomes: Fairy Tales
Jaya Blackburn3 Poems
Katie Borak – Late Night Pomes: Fairy Tales
Michael CalkinsThe Stepfather’s Dog
Mickey CollinsA Troll’s Soul & The Boy and the Tick & Late Night Pomes: Fairy Tales
Sarah DonaldsonMalin Kundang: An Indonesian Folktale & Indonesian Folklore and Shadow Puppet Theater
Joe GalvánParthenope & Late Night Pomes: Fairy Tales
Dan HeiseRaPUNzel
Ula JankowskaFairy Tale Dream
Sara Kachelman – Late Night Pomes: Fairy Tales
Ariel KusbyLust Fish & Mermaid Bath SpellLate Night Pomes: Fairy Tales
Emily Lakehomer – Mermaid Bath Spell
Kellye McBrideBobbi the Mermaid
Maya McOmieApple of My Eye
Timothy MerrittThe Weaver and the Swarm
A.G. AngevineThe Fox
Olivia OliviaLate Night Pomes: Fairy Tales
Piers Rippey – Late Night Pomes: Fairy Tales
Coleman StevensonFairy Tales w/ Coleman Stevenson and Ariel Kusby
Robert Torres – Late Night Pomes: Fairy Tales
Jonathan Van BelleShadow’s Zoo of Shadows & Droggoth


Editors-in-Chief: Mickey Collins & Ariel Kusby
Managing Editors: bb & Piers Rippey
Prose: Mickey Collins & Lee Bowman
Poetry: Ariel Kusby
Art: Piers Rippey
Social Media: Ariel Kusby & Piers Rippey
Interior Design: Mickey Collins
Cover: Oaktea