Jaya Blackburn – 3 Poems

happily never after


shadow fairies

with pointed tails


like the devil

their t-shirts proclaim

‘death saves’


as they dance

through dark hallways


in my mind


i catch

tiny glimpses

mesmerizing phrases pulled backwards

through ruby red lips

forked tongues

slither through my psyche




of happily

never after





your turn


the dark forest invitations

have been sent

your presence has been requested

at the banquet

to dine

on poison apples

and voodoo

so sweet

cookies say ‘eat me’

so you do

and you realize

the Dark Prince

sitting next to you

lips like red red roses

thorns tattooed

and his neck

bleeds your name

another stranger arrives

carrying red red roses

for your casket

you feebly dispute

their necessity

as the Dark Prince

looks at you

quietly smiling

have you eaten

he asks

we really should get going

all the arrangements have been made

and others are awaiting their turn




wandering nightly


circles serenade the moon
drumbeats in shadows
escapades slip

through the centers of stars
magic incantations
to open new worlds


peel back the myth
expose the lust


excursions and dimensions
for desirous playthings


creatures of habit

wandering nightly


into the forest
to lick at the edges
slip into your dreams

forever faithful


to fantasies

and nightmares


come true




jaya is fascinated with books, writing and putting words together to create experience. favorite themes include death, spirituality and fantasy realms. jaya has a minor in writing from psu and is about to start working on her masters in thanatology – the study of death and dying. jaya just celebrated her very first publication in an anthology independently published in pdx by arq press. when she dies she wants her ashes spread in the poetry section of powell’s books.

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    Hi all! So I have finally been starting the process of putting my poetry out into the world more. I have this blog of course, but I had never submitted work to actual publications. I am super excited to share that I have recently submitted to two publications and they were both gracious enough to accept my work! Wow! Feels like a wonderful adventure. I have gotten to read in public twice now at the release parties for these publications. What a rush! Very fun experience and I will definitely be looking to do more of this. Reading is public is such a joy. I have such a desire to connect with people through my poetry and that is proving to be a huge highlight. So…I just discovered that the poems I submitted to Deep Overstock are posted on their website. Too cool! So here they are for your enjoyment. Would love to hear what you think if you are so inspired. Thank you for your support! I hope to start being a bit more personal and interactive here too. I can be kind of great at hiding behind my screen! 🙂

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