Bobby Eversmann, co-Editor-in-Chief of Deep Overstock, joined other indie publishers on KBOO’s program “Mr. Jones’s Neighborhood.” You can listen to it on KBOO’s website here. Hosted by: Ken JonesProduced by: KBOOProgram: Mr. Jones’s NeighborhoodAir date: Fri, 01/22/2021 – 11:00am to 12:00pm On today’s show we celebrate our local independentContinue Reading

Hello dearest readers, Today I am excited to announce the launch of the new DO Store! You can find it at Isn’t that simple and fun? You’ll find all the books and products you know and love, as well as some new stuff (with more to come!). By theContinue Reading

Update (1/8/21): Corrected copies have been received and Animals is available for order again. Hello dear readers, It came to our attention earlier today that we made an editorial mistake in Deep Overstock #11: Animals that made it to print. We feel that the errors made do not do theContinue Reading

Hello dear readers and DO stockers alike, As we turn our calendars over to see what new kitty photo we get for January, I want to tell you about some exciting new DO things you can mark on those new calendars of yours. Thing one: Issue#11: Animals releases today! YouContinue Reading

#4: Origin of Blah Happy October! Fall is a wonderful time to stay inside and read and write. Especially when there’s still a pandemic around. Deep Overstock Issue 10: Origin of Life is now online. Check it out here: and order yourself a physical copy (get one for your friends too!).Continue Reading

#3: A Blahuga Whale of a Tale Every origin must end, and the end is now. Submissions have closed on our tenth issue, the Origin of Life. We are currently hard at working looking through submissions and will be getting decisions out to everyone who submitted something by the endContinue Reading

#2: Blahnds have more fun Things are not so blah at Deep Overstock these days. Blond or not, we’ve been having tons of fun. In case you missed it, we announced the newest addition to the Deep Overstock Publishing lineup: Light Sleeper, a collection of poems by Coleman Stevenson. ColemanContinue Reading

#1: Old thoughts and New Arrivals “Blahg?” you may ask. “Do you mean ‘blog?’ Also, why a blog? Additionally, you’re calling it #1? There’s going to be more of these?” Beyond the lazy pun, Blahg is how this blog will be: blah. I’m not as eloquent as some of ourContinue Reading