Mickey’s Blahg

#1: Old thoughts and New Arrivals

“Blahg?” you may ask. “Do you mean ‘blog?’ Also, why a blog? Additionally, you’re calling it #1? There’s going to be more of these?”

Beyond the lazy pun, Blahg is how this blog will be: blah. I’m not as eloquent as some of our contributors, but I thought it would be a good time for me, not necessarily on Deep Overstock’s behalf, to start a blog to help connect with our readers and our contributors, or even our contributors-to-be. There have been some changes in the world these past few months and we are all adapting. Some of us are adapting to stay-at-home orders and being out of work, some are adapting to working in a new environment, and others still are not adapting at all but trying to help the world change.

I digress. (Refer back to my comment about being un-eloquent.) The goal for this Blagh isn’t to be a place for my personal rants. I hope to write from the viewpoint of an editor and publisher and give some insight on Deep Overstock from behind the scenes.

Submissions wrapped on DO#9 New Arrivals this week. This issue is turning out to be our best one yet. And I’m not just saying that because I designed the cover. (Note: It wasn’t clear before that we accept submissions for our cover. We had usually solicited cover art by word-of-mouth, but that’s been harder in the current climate. I’ve just updated our submission guidelines to make that clear. Please do submit cover art!)

If you received a rejection from us this time around, I hope you understand that it wasn’t necessarily because we didn’t like your submission. We received more submissions for this issue than any other, therefore the amount of rejections this time was unfortunately higher. Keep submitting!

On a more positive note, Deep Overstock Publishing has a few new titles in varying stages of development. COVID has affected even us, tiny publisher that we are, so we are taking things slow and hoping to get more titles out when we feel it is appropriate.

I never thought that we would still be here two years later with three books and nine issues published. For those who have worked or shopped at Powell’s City of Books, these nine issues may be as significant to you as it is to me. If they’re not, that’s OK. And if they are, they can be our secret. But I’m hoping we’ll still be around for issue 18, and issue 27 (that’ll be January 2025) and so on.

I hope that you will continue to support us as we grow, whether you buy a copy of one of our books, contribute to the journal, or tell your friends about us.

Let’s keep our chins up, and our pens to paper.

– Mickey,


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