Mickey’s Blahg

#3: A Blahuga Whale of a Tale

Every origin must end, and the end is now. Submissions have closed on our tenth issue, the Origin of Life. We are currently hard at working looking through submissions and will be getting decisions out to everyone who submitted something by the end of this week hopefully.

But as one ends another begins. We are now accepting submissions for our 11th issue: Animals! Give us your furries, your fuzzies, your scalies, your beluga (blahuga?) whales. We’ll read all of your tales about tails. At least until the deadline at the end of November.

While you’re hard at working creating animal poems and stories and art, check out our new podcasts we have been releasing as well as our soon-to-be-released (9/15) newest title Light Sleeper which can be pre-ordered today.

– Mickey,


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