Issue Four


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(Cover art contest winner: Matt Funk)

AJDThe Cod and the Whale

Alec BallwegOur House

Alice三滴水: Drops of Water

Michael CalkinsMe Peg

Mickey CollinsLimb-ericks & A Sea Shanty for Sandy & Sailors Take Warning

Robert Eversmann – TBA

Desmond Everest FullerThe Hammish Sisters

Emma JardineBeing Me

Monika KawiakAt Least & Past Ahead

Benjamin KesslerComposition

Ariel KusbyWhen I Was a Girl

Sarah McCleod-MartinezNautilus Girl

Maya McOmieWho Can Know For How Long You’ve Been Falling

Azalea MickettiThe Selkie

Leanna MoxleySisters Sleek and Sharp

Elizabeth NealThe Rival


Timothy Arliss O’BrienAQUA: poems from the sea

Mike SantiagoWashout

Ben TalleySailing Jupiter

Eric ThralbyThe Whale

Jonathan van Belle – The Joy Lord of La Jolla

Geoff WallaceIt’s about time & Wastewater

Z.B. WagmanKissed by the Sea


Editor-In-Chief: Bobby Eversmann

Managing Editor: Ariel Kusby

Prose: Mickey Collins & Bobby Eversmann

Poetry: Ariel Kusby

Social Media: Ariel Kusby & Piers Rippey

Web Design: Robert Eversmann

Interior Design: Mickey Collins

Cover Design: Ariel Kusby

Letter from the Editors

Ahoy and avast ye scallywags. This here be Issue 4 of Deep O’. We’ve explored space, played in fairy tales, and fell in love with some questionable life choices. And it’s led to this: Nautical Lore. Just one year ago Deep Overstock was created as an isle in the ocean for lost and marooned souls: booksellers.

There are times, wandering up and down aisles when inspiration hits like a berg on the sea. And you have to answer that call. Dead men may tell no tales, but live booksellers have many things to say. As does the sea. Or any body of water really if you listen closely enough.

In this issue our writers redefine what nautical lore is, everything from selkies to pirates, and whales to selkies, and selkies to pools. Selkies are pretty cute aren’t they?

We would like to thank you once again for choosing to pull in Deep Overstock from the murky waters of the shelves. And also to thank everyone who participated in our first cover contest. The winner graces our cover like a beautiful mermaid on the bow, while our runner ups are nestled inside these pages like cannonballs inside a cannon.

But don’t worry, because these captains aren’t going down with the ship, because the ship isn’t going down any time soon. You are all our first mates so stick with around. And look forward to our next issue. It’ll be the dreamiest one yet…

Deep Overstock Editors

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