Past Ahead – Monika Kawiak

So it is true what they say

That it is not about

The destination


It is about the water


And the waves

And the wind

And the salt


And there are times

When I am not even sailing

Just drifting


What I know as the past

I carelessly leave behind


Staring watchfully at the horizon

I’m not really curious

About the future

Cause at the end

It always turns out

The same

As the past

I was born in 1982 in Gdynia, a Polish town that is said to have been built “from the dreams and sea”. After graduating from the University in Gdansk (specialization in History) I mostly worked as a Managing Editor for a publishing house. I have moved to Portland in October 2017, just in time to help as a volunteer at the Portland Book Festival. My life in a new city has been connected with books ever since. Luckily for me, at the beginning of summer 2018, I became a part of the Inventory team at Powell’s. I spend my free time reading or admiring Pacific Northwest’s nature, and, from time to time, trying to write my Polish thoughts using English words.

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